Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100 things about me, Part 4

61. Finding 100 original things to say about myself is surprisingly difficult.
62. I am a compulsive list maker, so you'd think this would be right up my alley. I have whole notebooks filled with various lists, from grocery lists to "things to do before I die."
63. One of the things I want to do before I die: learn to make my grandmother's chicken and dumplings. I've watched her do it, and can never duplicate it. She rolls out her dumplings, so they are more like big squares of dough. But they are perfect and delicious.
64. I love rainy days and settling in on the couch with a good book or a pile of magazines.
65. I have a cat who licks all the condensation from the windows in my office every morning. He's doing it right now.
66. I have keratosis pilaris, or what is sometimes referred to as "chicken skin." My body produces too much keratin and I have the tiny bumps and redness all over my upper arms. This is why no one I know has ever seen me in a sleeveless shirt. It's a pain in the ass.
67. Royal just told me I need to say that I like to talk over other people's conversations. This is a pet peeve of his.
68. I routinely run into things like the corner of the bed or my dresser and have bruises all over my legs. It's like I'm walking through the house in a fog and bam! There's the bed.
69. My dream job was to be editor of a magazine, then I became editor of a magazine. Not my dream job any more.
70. I can overanalyze a plate of beans.
71. Royal and I spent Valentine's Day playing Super Mario and watching Clone Wars. We are not exactly romantics.
72. I hate romantic comedies. Well, except old ones like The Awful Truth or Bringing Up Baby. I am getting so sick of seeing beautiful, accomplished women on screen being treated like they are pariahs because they have no man in their life. And why do they suddenly become these shrill harpies when planning the wedding? I don't know any women like this. And I don't enjoy watching women reduced to a stereotype. Hollywood has some serious misogyny issues, and I don't spend my money on making it worse.
73. I don't like Judd Apatow movies either. Seriously overrated.
74. I'm a pretty sensitive person, and looking for a job for the past year has taken a toll on my self-esteem. I'm beginning to feel unwanted.
75. When I got laid off a year ago, I thought I'd find a job quickly. I'm a smart person, and I always get along great with people. Now, I sometimes feel like I'm begging people just for a chance to prove myself. I know I'm not alone in this, but it feels like it.
76. I promise I will try to make the rest of this list more positive. Just feeling down today.
77. I wish I was more talented with the camera. My cats are looking extra cute right now.
78. Sometimes when I'm driving around town running errands, I get an overwhelming urge to get on the interstate and just keep driving until I reach the end of civilization. In Alabama, this doesn't take too long. I kid, I kid!
79. I am a bad joke teller.
80. I will work a little harder on my last 20 things about me. These were a little tired, I'm afraid.

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