Monday, January 25, 2010

The Year of Doing Stuff isn't going so well

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This isn't quite working out the way I'd hoped. I had to cancel my Spanish class at the last minute because of money. Lack of money, that is. Hubby and I are not on food stamps yet, but we're scrutinizing every penny we spend. I couldn't justify spending money on a night class when we have unpaid medical bills and a house that is slowly eating us, a la The Money Pit. I'm bummed about it, but fortunately the Hoover Public Library is well-stocked with Spanish language instructional CDs.

Also, my volunteering training is difficult. I can't really talk about where I'm volunteering, which I hope doesn't make you more curious about it, but suffice it to say I'm not working with kittens or anything. It's hard work, and I haven't even started yet. The other volunteers and staff are wonderful, though. I'm proud to be working with this great group of people.

Just the thought of bowling fills me with ennui. Maybe it's just January, but I am not interested in doing much of anything lately, besides eating, sleeping and thinking about eating. I put my running shoes on every day but still haven't found the energy to step on the treadmill, which is placed mere feet from my TV. Apparently the only way I'll exercise is at gunpoint.

The only good news? As for cooking, oh yeah, still doing that. I do so love to eat. I made red beans and rice AND peach cobbler yesterday. So all is not lost! Next Sunday is my birthday, so I'm sure the prospect of being just four short years from 40 will put my butt, and the Year of Doing Stuff, back into high gear.


  1. OK, I'm going to assume that you're not doing volunteer work for the CIA, so, given the secrecy thing, my next guess is shelter for battered women. Am I right?

  2. I love covert operations! I hope you enjoy your volunteering...kittens and puppies are overrated. :) You're already at a 50% success rate...that puts you far above 67.25% of all other resolutionists. (like my new word? and my new, completely made up statistics? Crafty, I tell ya!)
    Remember the Southside farmer's market and making dinner of fresh veggies and homemade peach cobbler? I do so love to eat as well. Good times, good times.