Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drum roll please...

In my previous post today, I wrote that I would try to sit down and write until I found my purpose in life, as instructed by internet writer and reformed klepto Steve Pavlina. Here's what I've got so far (he says to list things until one makes you cry, so I'll stop on that one).

My purpose in life is:
1. Total world domination
2. To make people laugh
3. To make people cry
4. Enjoyment
5. Writing a runaway bestseller
6. Writing emo poetry no one reads
7. Writing blog posts no one reads
8. To serve as a warning to others
9. To make up for sins in a past life
10. To become one with the universe
11. To overcome depression and write a runaway bestseller about it
12. To be bigger than Oprah (not in that way, idiot)
13. To live a full, interesting life and die in my sleep (almost a tear? Er... nope)
14. To actually feel good about myself (we're getting warmer!)
15. To conquer my fears, become secure with the essence of who I am -- warts and all -- and to help other people do the same (hmm... think I'm on to something)

Ok, seriously, I think there might be some merit to this method. Once you get out all the crap, the snarky cliches and such, it's hard not to start coming up with good reasons. I'm just not quite there yet.


  1. you have warts? i don't think so! i think you're fabulous. And entertaining me could be a wonderful purpose, yes?

  2. Very small, dainty warts. More like beauty marks. And right back at ya on the fabulous comment.